New (747) Area Code

  • To start this blog off I have to say that I am a native Angeleno. And when I grew up there was only one area code for Los Angeles... The (213).

    In 1984 The Valley saw the area code change with the birth of (818) and the City learned all about the (310). More time has passed and newer overlays as they have been named have happened, such as the (323), the (626) to name a few, but the nature of this blog is to remind us that once again, the San Fernando Valley will be effected yet again with another huge overlay.

    The (747) Area Code


    Effective April 18th of 2009

    All (818) callers will be required to finally have to add the extra 4 digits to their phone number string. So when you are calling to make a reservation from home to P.F. Changs in Warner Center you will be required to dial their full number. 1(818)340-0491.

    Effective May 18th of 2009

    The new Overlay (747) will be introduced for all new phone numbers serving Agoura, Canoga Park, Reseda, and Van Nuys. I'm glad my home and business isn't effected by the change. When the (818) area code first happened, I had just graduated from school and my first business card which you can find under the glass on the Studio Bar touting my airbrushing and handlettering skills had the area code penciled over the (213) with (818).

    How do we deal with this?

    Well there will be aggravation, maybe some cursing, but take a moment, (pour yourself a nice glass of wine), and go into your speed dial on your land line, enter in the extra digits to your most dialed numbers and sync your cell phone to your address book after you update all the (818) numbers in one foul swoop.